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Sunseeker Vacations specializes in Sandals Honeymoons, Antigua Honeymoons, Bahamas Honeymoons, Jamaica Honeymoons, St Lucia Honeymoons, Caribbean Honeymoons, and Turks & Caicos Honeymoons.

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St. Lucia Honeymoons


St. Lucia Honeymoons


Looking for the perfect St. Lucia Honeymoon? Sunseeker Vacations can specialize and customize your St. Lucia honeymoon to best cater to your St. Lucia honeymoon needs.



St. Lucia is known for it's mountainous, tropical interior of 19,000 acres of rainforest and the 29 miles of trails that run through it. The rainforest is respected as a habitat for rare birds and plants, a world where lushness is overpowering, where elusive parrots squawk overhead, orchids scent the air and hummingbirds buzz in the climbing palms. It has taken centuries for St Lucia's tropical island rainforest to become its current well-developed refuge that remained untouched for over two thousand years. Amongst the most enduring symbols of the rainforest is St Lucia's National bird, the Amazona Versicolor or the Jacquot as it is affectionately known, once an endangered species, with protection its numbers have risen. Local craft markets sell baskets (made of climbing foot palms and hanging root) and beautiful necklaces. St. Lucia is also known for their cocoa sticks (pure cocoa) made from the cocoa bean by local islanders and homemade spices that grow naturally in the rainforest. Besides the sun and beach, you will find plenty to keep you busy in St. Lucia!

Here are a few basic questions to discuss....

  • Do we want to go around the corner or around the world to St. Lucia for our honeymoon?
  • Do we want to save or splurge?
  • Do we want to be lively or lazy?
  • Do we want to learn something new that we can enjoy together?
  • Do we want a cruise, a St. Lucia honeymoon package, an all inclusive St. Lucia resort or a trip tailored just for the two of us?
  • What are your St. Lucia honeymoon dreams and fantasies?

Your honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime. Discussing those basic questions can make sure it will fulfill your dreams.

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Your St. Lucia honeymoon will be a trip of a lifetime. Discussing those basic questions can make sure it will fulfill your dreams.

St. Lucia honeymoons would be cliche if they weren't so romantic. You have the elegant sands, water as warm as your last bath, and gentle winds that just scream out for you to take moonlight strolls and quixotic picnics. Seclusion in stylish St. Lucia resorts leave nearly every newlywed satisfied and with discount St. Lucia honeymoon resorts found on nearly every St. Lucia island that are far more exotic and breathtaking than a lot honeymoon hot spots found around the world, there's no mystery as to why honeymooners are flocking to the St. Lucia for weeks at a time.

The reason so many St. Lucia honeymoon vacations are taken each year is simple. What you want in St. Lucia honeymoons and what you get in a trip to the islands are perfectly congruous. Simple seclusion, intimate settings and plenty of quality time together. On the beach or in the clubs, you can be with your lover for weeks at a time with our St. Lucia honeymoons.

Sunseeker Vacations offers a lot of St. Lucia honeymoon resorts that rank with some of the finest in the region. The key is to find the St. Lucia resorts catering specifically for honeymooners, or to find ones that are so far out of the way that you can customize your vacation to do exactly what you want.

St. Lucia honeymoons are a beautiful way to express your love. Let the aquamarine crystal-clear water embrace you, the sand make you feel like you're walking on clouds and the gentle tropical breeze whisper sweet things in your ear.

We've been helping couples express their love in the St. Lucia for years. We've helped arrange hundreds of honeymoons, now we want to help you love, honor and obey your desire to enjoy the most wonderful days and nights on your St. Lucia honeymoon as you begin your new life together in the St. Lucia.

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Some couples want quite romance on their St. Lucia honeymoon; others want exciting nightlife and exhilarating daytime recreation. Some want it all-and we know just where to find it in the Antigua. We work with dozens of the best St. Lucia resorts in the most beautiful and romantic locations like Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Bermuda. We give you lots of options to ensure your expectations for your St. Lucia honeymoon are always met. Our travel consultants will guide you to the perfect St. Lucia honeymoon for the best price possible. Our St. Lucia resorts handle the simplest to the most sophisticated honeymoons.

The St. Lucia is an increasingly popular honeymoon location, and not without reason. The St. Lucia has everything most newlyweds could want, with romantic sunsets, picturesque beaches, and wonderful history and culture. With over 7000 islands to explore, the hardest part of planning your St. Lucia honeymoon could well be choosing which island to stay on!

There are many different considerations that go into the choice of a specific destination - for example special interests, hobbies, or the reason for the trip - someone interested in parties and night clubs, for example, would choose a different destination to someone who wanted to go diving, or who was planning a honeymoon vacation.

If you are a newly wed couple and are thinking of a St. Lucia honeymoon destination, look no where else and plan a St. Lucia honeymoon. Very few places on the globe could compete with St. Lucia honeymoons. But the only hitch here is that there are over 7000 St. Lucia islands and it is really a gigantic task deciding upon any one of them for celebrating your honeymoon.

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The very first thing that you would have to do would be to choose a St. Lucia island that could be ideal for your St. Lucia honeymoon. As mentioned earlier there is no shortage of islands to choose from in the St. Lucia and you are sure to find a St. Lucia island to suit your taste. So, if you are looking for a typical St. Lucia honeymoon experience, St. Lucia is the place to visit. It is a big island that offers you everything right from shopping and clubbing to hikes and waterfalls. And what is more, you can find a number of all inclusive St. Lucia resorts that makes everything so simple for your St. Lucia honeymoon.

And if you are thinking of intimacy and privacy, then there are a number of smaller islands that would provide you complete privacy on your St. Lucia honeymoon. You might like to visit Culebra and Dominica if you need privacy with your spouse. These St. Lucia islands don't offer you much in terms of other facilities but yes, you can rest in warm sun and enjoy time with your loved one on your perfect St. Lucia honeymoon.


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